Weekly Notes 2024 W06

I missed my updates for 2024W05 and was in two minds about writing this. In these two weeks, I visited my parents back in Belgaum and stayed with them for a week. I worked remotely.

I can’t really remember much to write here. Days have been a blur.

We are also moving into our new office soon - so there is a lot of excitement for that.

After a long time, I felt a bit excited about the work ahead. Something flipped in me. I am still gloomy and all that - but also a little excited for the way ahead.

I have been thinking and reading a lot about how to streamline and diversify our software agency. Looking back, I think I was very much lost in working with clients, getting things done, and taking over client projects as my own that I forgot to do the strategic work required to keep things smooth and about “scale”. This helped to build trust with clients and I learned a lot about building and working with people - but it also came at a cost. I have been reading online resources, listening to podcasts, and I have a few books in my TBR list related to this.

I was also lucky to have witnessed Buffalo Intellectual perform live in Blr. Buffalo Intellectual is an Ambedkarite professor and researcher who writes about Savarna culture, and their podcast is hilarious while also serving as a reality check for my Savarna self. You can listen to the podcast here. I really enjoyed their live show - and highly recommend it if they are performing in your city.

I also haven’t felt like doing any photography work this week.

I completed listening to this audio drama - Jackie the Ripper. Imagine Jack the Ripper, but the serial killer is a woman and is based in 2021 or 2022 Whitechapel.

I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it.

Another that I am currently listening to is Sherlock & Co - Sherlock Holmes, but in 2024, and Dr. John Watson is a modern-day podcaster.

I also enjoy reading weekly notes, mostly from people recommended through Thejesh’s blog posts. It feels nice to get a peek into the life of other strangers every week. It has become almost a ritual. I should probably get a blogroll out?

Speaking of Thejesh - I have been pondering whether I should migrate from Hugo to WordPress. I would really like some kind of “programmability” into my blog and expand it into a playground for experiments. At the top of my mind, I want to build a blogroll and mess around with ActivityPub and some more IndieWeb madness.

Till next week -