Weekly Notes 2023 W25

Last Week (2023W25)

My sleep continues to improve, but I have failed in my goal of waking up a bit earlier to have a calm day. I’m happy and proud that even on days when I worked late, I managed to get home and sleep instead of falling asleep at my desk chair - progress 🎉.

This week was mostly dedicated to work. I had productive days for the most part, successfully completing tasks for both of my projects. One of the products our team helped build for a client was utilized in auditioning young athletes for a major sporting league. That required me to be on call for most of latter half of the week. Currently, we are eagerly awaiting the results and feedback 🤞.

On Tuesday, we celebrated my colleague Adhyayan’s birthday at Bao Bangalore. We played Contact while we were here. I love that game!.

In the office, we have been playing Mafia during breaks for the past several weeks.

Friday My Sister came over to Indiranagar to catch her bus back home to Belgaum, so we had dinner together at Salt Mango Tree.

Unfortunately, on Friday, I caught a cold. As a result, I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday resting at home.

While at home, I binged Season 1 & 2 of Asur, an Indian web series. I have mixed feelings about it, so maybe I will write my thoughts down.

I also discovered Moheener Ghoraguli this week, a pioneering Bengali Rock band from the 70s. You can find some of their iconic songs Here. Although I don’t understand Bangla, I really enjoy the vibes, as they say.

Interesting Internet:

How to make a Quill Pen? - This video goes into some of the steps to make a Quill pen. I found it fascinating. Other videos in this playlist is interesting too.

We drove from Pratt’s Bottom to Balls Cross. - Hilarious! Tom Scott, Matt Gray and Toilet humour - FTW!

If you made it till here, you deserve some of the Orange cuteness.

Less Orange More me?

Less Orange More me?