Desk Plants and myself

I had this Peace Lilly on my desk for a long time. I had even named her. Shanti. It took me some time to understand her. When is she thirsty? When she needs some sunshine? How much water does she drink? All the whole jazz.

It took me some time to understand the visual clues. Drooping leaves usually means I have failed again and have not watered in time. It always makes me anxious and guilty to see those drooping leaves. I fear they won’t be ever upright again, that I have killed Shanti.

Things are good now. She has propagated. We now have 2 Shantis, with a tiny new one on the way. This makes me fill with joy. I think I am not a destructive force after all.

One fine day last October, I decided I needed one more plant on my desk. I ordered this planter, and that Sunday, I went to the nearby Nursery and bought some Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum) saplings.

This one whom I decided not to name has no such drama. I placed a light source above it, and I mist some water here and there. And it looks happy!

And boy is it happy. It has grown a good amount in the last two months. The Highlights of my mornings for the last few months have been finding new leaves that have bloomed overnight, Looking at the leaves that have grown a bit more than the previous day.

I have been trying to cherish these small joys every day and reminding myself that I can change and grow. All I need to do is figure out the clues. After all, I am not a destructive force.