Coffee 2023: Blue Tokai Hidden Falls Estate

Estate Hidden Falls Estate
Varietal S5B + S795
Roaster Blue Tokai
Process Natural
Location Shevaroy Hills, TN
Roast Light
Link Blue Tokai

Recently, I tried Black Baza’s Whisky Barrel aged coffee and enjoyed its the taste and after note. However, due to various reasons, I didn’t drink coffee for a while. When I finally resumed my coffee consumption, I found the boozy notes to be overpowering. So, I decided to save the beans for a cold brew later.

This weekend, I ordered a new bag of coffee beans from Blue Tokai, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive it the very next day. Living in Bangalore certainly has its privileges, including access to numerous specialty coffee shops within a one-kilometer radius of my home ¯_(ツ)_/¯. I can’t wait to try this new coffee and see how it compares to my previous favorite.